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Better health is the foundation of better living. So we’re working to prevent and overcome disease and illness throughout our community. From physical to psychological, and conception to old age.

Our expertise spans lab-based biochemical research, clinical trials and broader population studies. We have formal ties with all South Australian teaching hospitals, numerous research institutes and multiple clinical practices. And we’re frequent collaborators with industry and government.

Impact stories

Debunking the myths and moving mens health forward

Our research is informing new approaches to preventative health strategies, delivery of health services and management of common health conditions in men.

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Practise makes perfect: 3D-printed brains could revolutionise neurosurgery

An Adelaide-based company, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Adelaide, is hoping to revolutionise neurosurgery techniques, following their ‘world-first operation’ in November. 

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Intelligent machines to support, not replace, doctors

AI and medical machine learning are constantly evolving, however don’t expect these technologies to replace doctors.

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Coping with loss

Improved quality of care for parents of stillborn babies Australia-wide.

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Curbing chemo

Studying immune receptors to reduce chemo symptoms.

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Professor Andrew Zannettino

Andrew Zannettino is the Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Experimental Haematology in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide and heads the Myeloma Research Laboratory (MRL) and co-heads the Regenerative Medicine Program (RMP).


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