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Welcome to The Discovery Pod, where we talk to leading experts from the University of Adelaide about solutions to society's most pressing challenges. 

Our host for season 2 of The Discovery Pod is Isobel Marshall, 2021 Young Australian of the Year and University of Adelaide medical student. Join us across ten informative episodes, where we’ll cover topics including space exploration, vaccinations, sustainable packaging, cancer and much more.

Season 2

Fertile ground

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 10
The female reproductive conditions endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome make life incredibly uncomfortable for a huge number of Australian women—up to 9% and 13% respectively. Compounding matters, they’re both notoriously hard to diagnose.

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Standing firm

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 9
Our societies are more connected than ever, with countless governmental processes now taking place online, making it worryingly easy for foreign actors to sow the seeds of domestic division and unrest.

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Moon boot

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 8
Powering up human settlement on the Moon is widely considered the ideal first step towards long-term crewed planetary exploration—and it could feasibly happen as soon as this decade. 

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Mining hope

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 7
Ironically, humanity’s push for sustainability will require greater quantities of mineral resources than ever.

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Hard to swallow

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 6
We all know what we eat has an enormous impact on our health. But do Australia’s standardised dietary guidelines and health star ratings always have our best interests at heart?

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Superstars of STEM

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 5
In this lively episode, host Isobel Marshall chats with three current Adelaide STEM Superstars about their remarkable research and career journeys.

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Cleaning up the farm

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 4
Australia’s farmers are increasingly turning to transient migrant labour to keep their properties running. 

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Cancer counsel

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 3
Improvements in breast and prostate cancer screening have played a huge part in reducing the diseases’ mortality rates.

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Post plastic

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 2
Our march to sustainable living is gathering pace. With Australia’s environment ministers banning all single-use plastics from 2025, an explosion of eco-friendly alternatives is emerging.

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Vax unpacked

The Discovery Pod | Season 2, Episode 1
Vaccinations are the global frontline in public health. So how do they protect us from disease? What are the different ways of making them? And why were COVID-19 vaccines able to be made so much faster than others?

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