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The Discovery Podcast series.

Welcome to The Discovery Pod, where we talk to leading experts from the University of Adelaide about solutions to society's most pressing challenges. 

Our host for season 1 of The Discovery Pod is Professor Andy Lowe, Director of Food Innovation, with a research background in plant evolution biology. Join us weekly to learn more from our researchers on topics such as COVID-19, Renewable Energies, Cyber Security, Nutrition and more. 

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Episode 2: Climate change

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Episode 1: COVID-19

Pandemic panic - is there a light at the end of the tunnel or will we find a new normal?

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Fruit and vegetables in paper bags

Episode 3: Nutrition

Forget fad diets – what should we be choosing to eat, and how will this change as we age?

Industry Engagement Priorities

Episode 4: Artificial Intelligence

The rise of the machines – what does it mean for us now and how will it change the way we live?

Baby feet held by hands of two adults

Episode 5: Pregnancy and Parental Health

The gift of life – how do we build healthy habits today to give the children of tomorrow the best start in life.

Wind turbines with a cloudy sky

Episode 6: Renewable Energies

Cracking the code – finding new to ways to power our nation and process raw materials.

Murray river aerial shot. Image credit to iStock.

Episode 7: Food and Water Security

Access to food and water is set to become the next conflict horizon. So how do we secure the future of food and water for all? 

Woman standing in music installation with headphones

Episode 8: Music

The Power of Music. How technology is helping us immerse, interact, and discover music’s benefit.

Close up photo of a hand on a keyboard in low light

Episode 9: Cyber Security

Cybercrime and Digital Warfare – how do we get tech savvy to secure our online lives?

Close up photo of a wheat field at sunset

Episode 10: Genetically Modified Foods

Unnatural, Harmful and Unsafe? – Does genetic modification have a role to play in our food futures.