Dogs saving lives with a sniff. How can we decode disease with scent?

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Dog sitting on the grass

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that the detection of new diseases must be both fast and reliable if we are to limit the impact illnesses can have on our industries, communities, and global lifestyles.

Yet, if you’ve spent any time anxiously waiting for a Covid test result, you’ll know that current PCR and RAT systems are far from perfect. Enter, man’s best friend. How can dogs revolutionise the way we detect and profile new and evolving diseases? Has the answer been under our noses the whole time?

This week, host Professor Andy Lowe chats with Dr Anne-Lise Chaber, Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide’s School of Animal and Veterinary Science and One Health Expert. Join us, as we bring a whole new level of meaning to Rat tests and Lab results in the fight to protect world-wide wellness.

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