Research Strategy Documents

As a nation and a region, we face complex social, technological and environmental challenges. Universities, working in a mutually beneficial partnership with government, business and the community, are well placed to contribute to this essential process.

As part of the University of Adelaide’s approach to addressing these challenges, and to build scale and focus in research, this page provides the University community with access to key strategic research documents outlining our thinking, perspectives and future directions.

FAME Strategy - Agrifood and Wine

The University of Adelaide prioritises its research at scale within FAME (Focus And Magnets for Excellence) strategies. Our (FAME) strategies provide a platform that enables us to attract the best researchers and partners, and deliver positive impacts for our State and Nation through research excellence and its translation.

Note: This document is only available to current staff members of the University.

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AFW FAME Internal Grant Scheme

The DVC(R) is funding a new internal grants scheme to provide strategic investment in the Agrifood and Wine FAME Strategy. Funding will be used to stimulate the development of new multi-disciplinary research projects related to the four Research Missions for Transformation contained in the Strategy.

There are currently two strands to this scheme:

  • Initiate projects will be seed grants of up to $20k; and
  • Accelerate projects will receive up to $100k.

The scheme is now open for proposals with details provided in the grant guidelines. Applications must be led by two University of Adelaide staff members from different Faculties, address the selection criteria, use the grant application form, and be submitted by 30 June 2021 to