How can we rethink reoffence?

Season 3, Episode 8

Dr Julie-Anne Toohey

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time? Our current attitudes to crime and punishment in Australia sees 45.2% of prisoners reoffending after just 2 years of being released.

This revolving-door nature of our criminal justice system not only incurs a high price in the running of our state and federal prisons, but also inflicts lasting wounds on the families and communities of those behind bars. 

But there is an argument to be made for turning our approach to recidivism on its head, and the answers we may need can be found in Norway...

This week, host Professor Andy Lowe chats with Dr Julie-Anne Toohey from the School of Social Sciences, School of Arts, Business, Law and Economics at Adelaide University. Join us, as we rethink reoffence and challenge the jailhouse rules of our current justice system.

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