If a tree falls in a forest, what happens to its carboncredits? Unpacking Australia’s carbon offset scheme

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Professor Michelle Waycott

Since 2012, the Clean Energy Regulator has issued 122,881,923 Australian Carbon Credit Units (also known as ACCUs) to over 1,400 carbon abatement projects.

The projects can look like anything from tree plantations, to capturing landfill gases to preserving land that was otherwise marked for clearing.   

Australia’s carbon offset scheme is designed to cancel out emissions produced by big polluters and bring the country closer to net zero, but is it working? 

This week, host Professor Andy Lowe is in conversation with Professor Michelle Waycott from the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Adelaide. Join us, as we discuss whether Australia’s efforts to offset have gone off track and what can be done about it. 

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