Student Engagement Committee

The Student Engagement Committee (SEC) provides a collaborative forum for student representatives to discuss a broad range of issues that aim to enhance the overall educational experience and engagement of students. 

The Student Engagement Committee (SEC) is an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters student success, promotes active participation, and contributes to the overall educational journey of students. Our core focus includes:

  • Enhancing student voice
  • Promoting student involvement
  • Developing student-centred initiatives
  • Improving communication channels
  • Evaluating and assessing student experiences

The committee meets monthly, but not during exams.

# Meeting date Host Special guests
1 Friday 24 February 2023 Martin McCarron -
2 [RESCHEDULED] Tuesday 21 March 2023  Martin McCarron -
2 Tuesday 4 April 2023 Dave Thomson Jennie Shaw & Paul Hutchison: university for the future
3 [RESCHEDULED] Wednesday 26 April 2023 Lachlan Coleman Suzanne Le Mire: Education for a Digital World
3 Wednesday 10 May 2023 Dave Thomson Suzanne Le Mire: Education for a Digital World
4 Tuesday 30 May 2023    
5 Wednesday 26 July 2023    
6 Wednesday 23 August 2023    
7 Wednesday 13 September 2023    
8 Wednesday 25 October 2023    

If you have an issue you'd like raised for discussion at the next available Student Engagement Committee meeting, please complete the following form.

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