Academic Student Representatives (ASR)

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The primary objective of the Academic Student Representative (ASR) Program, which includes both Program and Faculty Student Representatives is to encourage student participation in enriching and enhancing both the academic and social facets of the university experience, seeking to gain insights from students, their personal experiences, and ensuring equitable representation.

ASRs serve as the voice of students in their respective program years, advocating for the improvement of teaching quality. ASRs not only represent themselves but also network with peers to collect students' opinions and suggestions, which they subsequently share with their committee members.

The duties of ASRs encompass the following:

  1. Voice and Advocacy: Represent and advocate for student concerns, serving as a liaison between students and the university.
  2. Engagement and Inclusivity: Create an approachable and inclusive environment, encouraging open communication among students.
  3. Integrity and Reporting: Uphold honesty and integrity, actively address campus issues, and communicate effectively with students and faculty.

Recruitment and Appointment

  • Program representatives

    Unless otherwise stated, Student Representative roles are currently recruited through an expression of interest process to each cohort, each year.

  • Faculty board representative

    The VC Office will email eligible students directly requesting their nomination for the Faculty Board Representative role. This will then go into the election process in February.