Students as Partners Projects

How to start a Students as Partners project?

Students studying

To start student partnership projects, staff should identify areas that require students' unique expertise and design. Staff should have well-considered plans that focus on creating impactful outcomes rather than just outputs.

Challenges in recruiting students for partnership projects include staff's concerns about the workload and the need to find students with specific skills. However, the sole criteria for selection should be students' expertise in their role as students. The Student as Partners Team will work with you for recruitment including, promotion of project, assistance with shortlisting and will inform applicants of outcomes.

If you have a project in mind, complete the SaP Project Scope Form.

If you require further information, contact the Students as Partners Team.

Am I ready to start a Student as Partners project?

Reflecting if you are ready for a project is the crucial first step, consider:

  • Am I open minded on the outcomes, findings, inputs and insights that may come from this project?
  • Is this concept fully fledged? Do I have the commitment mapped out for all members?
  • Do I have capacity and time to support this project and the partners involved?
  • How can I make it a great experience?
  • What are the success measures? How will I report back on the findings?
  • Will I treat our student partners equally to all other members involved?

How to share your findings

Sharing partnership outcomes, experiences, and insights is essential for creating a transparent and communicative academic community. This can be achieved through various mediums, such as feedback forms, video testimonials and visual aids.

As a Student Partner, how do I get involved?

Visit CareerHub to see the available opportunities to get involved. Once you have applied and been confirmed, the project lead will be in contact to organise a catch up. Review the Student as Partners Handbook for further information. At the conclusion of your project, you will be required to share your findings with the Students as Partners Team

This can count towards your Adelaide Graduate Award (AGA) Hours.

Caleb Rodgers

"The Students as Partners framework is absolutely brilliant. It's not just about academic growth – although that's a big part of it. It's like being handed this toolkit of resources that go beyond the textbooks, helping not only professionally, but also personally.

What stands out for me is the genuine connection it enables between students and the University. It's not this distant entity; it's a collaboration. We're not just learners; we're active contributors, shaping our own journey.

What's even cooler is how it empowers us to step up and make a difference in our community. We're not just navigating the Student Experience; we're actively shaping it for the better. It's real, and it's impactful."

Caleb Rodgers