Reduce study stress

Practice doesn’t always make perfect.

It’s knowing how to practice effectively that can produce the best results.

Learning at university requires a shift in your thinking by practicing proactive learning instead of waiting to be told what to do.

Getting skilled in proactive learning will help you learn faster by anticipating problems and taking the right steps to find solutions.

Know where to start with your study

We’ve all experienced feeling stuck when faced with a lot of information, trying to figure out what’s important and what isn’t. Finding the time to explore a subject further can be equally challenging.  

The issue is time because we think we need more of it to achieve our study goals. But there is a way to make better use of your study time in less time while expanding your knowledge about the course.

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is run by students for students and by attending you can learn alongside people who are doing the same course as you. Sessions are led by students (known as PASS leaders) who have received top marks in your course, so they understand the challenges you are facing and how to help you succeed.

Here are five reasons to consider joining a PASS group.

1. No one is marking your work

Imagine not feeling pressured to get the answer right … feels good doesn’t it. At PASS you are free to experiment and play with ideas and problem solving — learning how to enjoy learning. PASS leaders facilitate your understanding and retention of a course by encouraging group discussions to look at the problem from different perspectives.

2. No tests

Instead of Googling for an answer that brings up 10,000 pages of results, PASS groups help you find the right answer. PASS leaders give you feedback about where to look for information that supports your learning such as lecture notes and textbooks.

3. Safe and collaborative learning space

By observing how other students’ problem solve, you’ll learn how to consider a problem from multiple angles that will expand your understanding of the course and get you thinking creatively.

4. No sign-up, just turn up

PASS sessions are held during semester for just under an hour each week. Just come along when you need to top up your knowledge, problem solve or prepare for tests, assignments, and exams.

5. Go as often as you need

You can drop into a PASS group whenever the time is right for you. It’s like a streaming service for learning that you can cancel and pick up again when you need, for free! 

Visit the website to find a session time for your course and give PASS a go!

Hear from our PASS leaders and see sessions on our Instagram.

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