Current Students

Transfer Advice Day

Drop in, don't drop out!

Many students change programs during their study and for many reasons. You may decide on a different career path or interest or your program may not be what you thought it would be. Perhaps you want a second try at getting into a program that you missed out on the first time around. You can even add a program to your current study load and get a Double Degree!

Whatever your situation, it's not unusual that you're considering a change. By talking to us on Transfer Advice Day, we can make sure the change is the right change for you.

  • When and where?

    When: Wednesday 05 September 2018, 10:00am - 2:30pm
     Hub Central, Level 4, North Terrace Campus (map ref J10).
    Plan: Drop in (no appointments necessary)

  • International students

    Before deciding on the program you would like to transfer to, we recommend that you speak to your faculty for advice. This is important, as each student may have different requirements, and the faculty will provide you with advice and a study plan that is suitable for you. Faculty staff will be present at Transfer Advice Day. If you miss them during Transfer Advice Day, you can visit the Faculty Office for a consultation.

    Once you have discussed your options with the faculty, you may wish to speak with an International Admissions Adviser at Transfer Advice Day, or alternately you may visit International Student Support. 

    If you DO receive and accept an offer for a new program, you will be sent a new CoE that reflects your change of program and program duration. Depending on your current student visa duration, you may need to apply for a further student visa.

  • How to transfer