Blog Editing

As part of the ongoing migration to the Drupal CMS, all University blogs will eventually be integrated into Drupal sites. As a result, no further upgrades are planned to the WordPress blogs platform, and no new standalone blogs will be created.

A blog differs from a "normal" website in a number of ways. Blogs are usually used for timely content that is updated frequently (such as news and events), often only focus on a specific topic, and readers may have the ability to engage with the content by commenting. Individual articles on a blog are called “posts” or “entries”. The most recent posts or entries published will be displayed first on the page.

Anyone can read your blog, but only approved authors can maintain and post content on a blog.

Blog editing guide

If your area still does have a legacy blog using WordPress, refer to the editing guide for help.

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Help and training

To become an editor you will need to register and attend a training session.

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