Student Applications

How does it work?

Most students are eligible for up to two (2) hours mentoring per week in each of their subjects, that will normally be provided in one-to-one sessions.


To be eligible for Wirltu Yarlu Academic Program assistance a student must be:

  • of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • enrolled in an program at the University of Adelaide
  • assessed as requiring additional tutorial assistance, above that which can be provided by the University of Adelaide from normal resources, in order to achieve satisfactory academic results.

How do I apply? 

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student you will be sent an email to your University of Adelaide student account containing the link to the Vygo, the platform in which mentoring is run at the start of the study period. 

If you believe that you should have received an email for Mentoring, but have not, or you were not provided access to Vygo and should of, please contact us.