Karnkanthi education program registration form

Please read the Karnkanthi Education Program information guide and this application form before beginning the application. To complete this form, you will need:

  • Provide an essay highlighting who you are, your goals, what you hope to achieve from participating in the Program, what you would like to do once you finish Year 12, why, and your strengths, hobbies, interests, and achievements. 
  • Recent picture of you
  • Completed and signed parent/guardian support document (Download hereGuardian Consent document
  • Completed and signed referee document (Minimum 1) (Download hereReferee document)
  • Your most recent school report
  • Confirmation or affirmation of Aboriginality (Original or Certified copy of incorporated Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation) or Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration
  • Current Student details
  • Support documents
  • Student declaration
  • Complete
Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?


Current year level
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