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Karnkanthi Indigenous Education Program

Our vision is to ensure the success of Karnkanthi students throughout their senior years of schooling and to prepare them for university by building on their unique personal, academic, and cultural strengths.

We've had some amazing opportunities... We've met some really important people who do a lot of cool things... and definitely inspired us, because they're professionals in some of the areas that we're interested in....


Karnkanthi Summer Camp, 2018

  • What is the Karnkanthi Program?

    Translating to ‘lifting up’ in the Kaurna language, Karnkanthi ensures the success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, in Years 10, 11 and 12/13, as they transition from their senior years into university.

    Karnkanthi offers a high expectations, high-support approach to student learning . Building a reciprocal relationship of trust, we are able to tailor a program of guidance and support that takes into account the individual needs and strengths of each successful applicant.

    We understand that study at a senior level is an ongoing commitment and so we work closely with students to ensure that their academic growth and success is sustainable. Ultimately, our aims is to build within students the confidence and capacity to purse a university education that will empower them for life.

    The Karnkanthi Indigenous Education program offers two distinct streams; the Karnkanthi Full Program and the Karnkanthi Associate Program.

    Key Benefits Full Program Associates Program
    Access to private tutoring for school studies
    Opportunities to participate in academic, personal, cultural and career development activities
    Financial Support for travel and accommodation
    Access to student development scholarships
  • Information for Applicants
    Who can apply?

    Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students in Years 10, 11 and 12/13 who;

    • Demonstrate academic abilities
    • Are committed, motivated and ready to work hard to succeed
    • Have a passion for learning
    • Want to improve their chances of achieving a higher ATAR
    • Aspire to go to the University of Adelaide
    When to apply

    Students in Years 10 and 11 can apply at any time. Students in Year 12 must apply by June 30th to ensure that they can get the most out of the program during this critical period.

    How to apply

    Read and discuss the information and application with a parent/guardian or teacher. Complete the application form, including three referee statements, and return to the Karnkanthi Office at Wirltu Yarlu.

    Please ensure all sections are complete before submitting the application. We're only a phone call away if you'd like to discuss your application further. You can contact the Karnkanthi Project Officer on (08) 8313 1526 or 1800 651 763 (toll-free for national) or via email

    Opportunity for Growth

    All students are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be awarded a position into either the Full Program or the Associates Program subject to their current academic standing. Based on the ethos of "lifting up", students in the Associates Program have the opportunity to grow into the Full Program.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there a cost associated with the Karnkanthi Program?

    The Karnkanthi Program is completely funded and runs at no cost to students or their families.

    Who can be a referee?

    People who know the student and their abilities or potential well can be a referee for the student, including;

      • Family friends
      • Community Leaders
      • Sporting coaches
      • Teachers
      • Aboriginal Education Workers
      • Principals
      • Mentors
      • Social Workers
  • Information for Schools
    Recognising potential in your students

    As a teacher and support stuff, we trust your judgement in identifying the potential in your students, including those who may not have the confidence to apply. If you have students who demonstrate commitment to studies, show motivation, persistence and as aspiration to succeed and go to university, then we encourage you to nominate them for the program.

  • Karnkanthi Events 2019
    Throughout 2019, the Karnkanthi program will host a series of events designed to build the capacity and confidence of students, while supporting their study aspirations and building connections with their peers.
    Public speaking workshop Public speaking is an important skill that doesn't happen naturally for anyone. This workshop will teach our students why it is a normal barrier and how to overcome the issues associated with public speaking. This workshop will prepare them for school/university presentations, potential university interviews, job interviews etc.
    Leadership Camp This camp will offer our students the opportunity to learn the skills, practices and insights from which they can craft the best version of themselves. The activities designed specifically for this camp will promote reflective and creative thinking, transformation and confidence.
    Pizza & Careers night This evening acts as a means to promote social relationships between our students, whilst involving activities that get them thinking about different career options and the pathways they may be most suited to. We use the Career Match program, and have students investigate obscure professions and have them present back to their peers.
    Movie night An evening dedicated to growing the social bonds between our students.
    Exam revision session On these evening we make our Karnkanthi tutors available for a 3-hour drop-in session designed to provide our students with anything they need coming up to their exams. Students can run through content, past exams, clarify questions or even develop best practice study skills.
    Faculty visits Each of the five faculties here at The University of Adelaide have agreed to host a ‘faculty visit’ for our students who are interested in undertaking a degree in each of their respective fields. Each visit is held on a different day of the week. Students undertake activities arranged by the faculties, speak to current/past students, and in the case of some faculties (e.g. Health and Medical Sciences) students also have the opportunity to sit their interviews for entry into the program on this day.
    End of Year Celebration & Graduation 

    This night is held as a celebration of the student's achievements this year, as well as graduating those students who will be completing year 12.

    We also give out special awards under three categories; Resilience, Leadership and Success, as they are reflective of the pillars of the Karnkanthi program.

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