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The Women's Professional Development Network (WPDN) is a unique and dynamic grassroots network designed to support the professional and personal development of professional staff women employed by the University of Adelaide through activities that have been shown to promote leadership, personal job satisfaction, positive work attitude and career advancement.

The WPDN was established in 1995 as a volunteer network to support women in their professional development. It is a network run by professional staff women, for professional staff women.

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Navigating Change

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, we will discover:



Leading vs Managing in Authority Roles

This session will facilitate rich conversations to unpack participants' experiences and the stories we tell ourselves about the role of managing staff, and the skills of leadership. It will explore the essential services of authority (protection, direction and order) and how they are exchanged for followership in different kinds of organisational systems. Participants will leave with an enhanced awareness of their own mental models of leadership/management, and an idea of how they differ from others'.