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Centre for Energy Technology

The University of Adelaide Australia

The Centre for Energy Technology (CET) delivers innovative technologies for a clean energy future.

With input from the Centres's Advisory Board, the centre has identified its research strengths as solar-combustion hybrids, wind energy and alternative fuels. These area's are well aligned with CET's research capability and with national priorities. CET researchers are working towards advancing research and technology in each of these areas.

CET delivers innovative low-cost technologies for a clean energy future through strategic partnerships with industry and government.

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CET works actively with industry to improve performance, gain greater understanding of scientific principles and offer insights on improving costs. Businesses can engage with CET in a range of opportunities including specific project collaboration, consultancy, collaboration involving leveraging government funds and partnership.

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Find out more about CET.

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For more information or to get in contact with us on how we can assist your organisation email us at or call +61 8 8313 2559 


Research Profiles

Professor Graham Nathan

Some pathways toward a more sustainable energy future

New Research Papers

Gus Nathan, D Battye and Peter Ashman published a paper on techno-economic assessment.