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Publications & Data

With more than 115 researchers and students at work on more than 20 large and small scale projects, CET’s publications and data output is impressive.


Download a list of CET members' publications.

2012 - 2016

For pre-2012 publications

  • External enquiries, please contact us
  • University of Adelaide staff please use Aurora

Data Sets

International Sooting Flame Workshop Data

  1. Laminar Flame: ISF-3 Linked co-flow Flames 2: (Santoro-Adelaide Burner Data)
  2. Turbulent Flames: ISF-3 Target flame 1: (Adelaide Jet flames 1-6)
  3. Turbulent Flames: ISF-3 other flame 1: (Delft-Adelaide Jet Flame) NB only the soot data in this set was provided by the University of Adelaide
Centre for Energy Technology

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