Dr Ulrike Schacht

Dr Ulrike Schacht
 Position Senior Research Fellow
 Org Unit Australian School of Petroleum
 Email ulrike.schacht@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 8032
 Location Floor/Room 1 02b ,  Santos Petroleum Engineering ,   North Terrace
  • Biography/ Background

    since 2007 CO2CRC at the ASP - Geochemical Monitoring for CO2-storage Sites

                                                        Natural Analogue Studies for CO2 Storage sites                                                

    2006 Leibniz Universitaet Hannover - Marine Biogeochemistry  

    2002-2005 Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences - Marine Sediment Diagenesis 

    1999-2001 OSRAM GmbH - Conditioning of Industrial Waste Waters  

  • Qualifications

    2005 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) - Marine Geochemistry, University of Kiel

    2001 MSc - Applied Geochemistry, Technical University of Berlin  

    1999 BSc - Geoengineering Sciences, Technical University of Berlin  

  • Teaching Interests

    Environmental Monitoring

    Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons         

    Petroleum Chemistry                                                                            

    Sandstone Petrology and Diagenesis

  • Research Interests

    CO2 Storage; CO2-related Diagenesis; Caprock Systems for CO2 Storage

    Environmental Monitoring

  • Publications

    Higgs K, Haese R, Golding S, SCHACHT U, Kirste D, Watson M (2015) "The Pretty Hill Formation as a natural analogue for CO2 storage: An investigation of mineralogical and isotopic changes associated with sandstones exposed to low, intermediate and high CO2 concentrations over geological time." Chemical Geology 399: 36-64.

    Horner KN, SCHACHT U, Haese R (2015) "Characterization of potential CO2-water-rock dynamics during geological CO2 storage in a low-salinity, siliciclastic reservoir system." Chemical Geology 399: 123-133.

    Stalker L, Boreham C, Underschultz J, Freifeld B, Perkins E, SCHACHT U, Sharma S (2015) "Applications of tracers to measure, monitor and verify breakthrough of sequestered CO2 at the CO2CRC Otway Project, Victoria, Australia." Chemical Geology 399: 2-19.

    You Z, Badalyan A, Yang Y, Carageorgos t, SCHACHT U, Bedrikovetsky P (2015) "New laboratory method to assess formation damage in geothermal wells." SPE-174199-MS.

    Feitz A, Jenkins J, SCHACHT U, McGrath A, Berko H, Schroder I, Kuske T, Curnow S, George S, Heath C, Zegelin S, Zhang H, Sirault X, Jimenez-Berni J (2014) "An assessment of near surface CO2 leakage detection techniques under Australian conditions. " Energy Procedia 63: 3891-3906.

    Kirste D, Haese R, Boreham C, SCHACHT U (2014) "Evolution of formation water chemistry and geochemical modelling of the CO2CRC Otway site residual gas saturation test." Energy Procedia 63: 2894-2902.

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    Olgun N, Duggen S, Croot P, Dietze H, SCHACHT U, Oskarsson N, Siebe C, Auer A (2011) "Surface ocean iron fertilization: The role of subduction zone and hotspot volcanic ash and fluxes into the Pacific Ocean." Global Biogeochemical Cycles 25: doi-10.1029/2009GB003761.

    Hesse R,  SCHACHT U (2011) "Early diagenesis of deep sea sediments." In: H. Hueneke and T. Mulder (Eds), Developments in Sedimentology. Amsterdam-The Netherlands, Elsevier. 63: 557-713.

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    SCHACHT U (2005). "Alteration of volcanic glasses in marine sediments: Laboratory experiments and field studies." PhD-Thesis, University of Kiel: 193.

    SCHACHT U (2001) "Chemical recovery of molybdenum out of acidic industrial waste solutions." Master-Thesis, Technical University of Berlin: 46.

    SCHACHT U (1999) "Contaminated site clean-up in the Federal Republic of Germany." Technical University of Berlin.

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