Give To The Future

Our sesquicentenary year is a time for us all to celebrate 150 years of education at the University of Adelaide. We will commemorate the occasion through Celebrate 150 – Give To The Future, which will be an avenue for alumni, donors and friends to engage more deeply with the University.

Celebrate 150 – Give To The Future will raise funds to support the gift of education that will continue to transform lives, inspire innovation and push boundaries. Together we will make history and support what is coming and truly exciting. We will celebrate 150 years of excellence, break new ground and remove barriers.

Dr John Byron is a researcher, a celebrated crime author, and a generous donor to the Student Emergency Fund. It’s his way of giving back; he was once a recipient of emergency funding during his undergraduate degree, when he was a thousand kilometres from home, the first in his family to attend university. “The University stepping in at those critical times could have been the difference between success and failure for me. Once I started making a reasonable salary, I was so happy to give back to the University, because they’re the ones who gave me a boost at those critical moments,” John said.

“Giving back feels like topping up the well. When the well starts to get dry, you need a big rain. And I want to be a part of that.”

Dr John Byron

Dr John Byron

Photo by Rebecca Taylor

  • Scholarships for 150 years

    Scholarships for 150 years

    A scholarship program is fundamental to a university’s vision and objectives. Scholarships provide support and incentive for the very best and brightest, as well as financial assistance and help alleviate barriers to university for those who are disadvantaged.

    With the support from our community, we will invest in scholarships that will ensure student access and affordability. We will be the University of choice for high achievers, no matter what their background.

    Learn more about scholarships at the University.

  • Research excellence

    Research excellence

    The University of Adelaide has been training researchers for 150 years and we have a long history of research excellence. Our reputation enables us to attract the best and brightest minds locally, and from around the globe.

    The University is committed to working with partners to increase the number of research scholarships available that will support the innovative and specialist research needed in this country and around the world.

    Learn more about research excellence at the University.

  • Adelaide Law School 150 Club

    150 clubs

    The Law School is marking this auspicious occasion by creating the opportunity for members of the community to join the “Adelaide Law School 150 Club” by providing a gift to support future students.

    Your gift will support the John Bray Law Scholarship for students undertaking studies in law at the University of Adelaide and you will be acknowledged on a digital donor board in the Law School Ligertwood Building and on the Adelaide Law School website.

    The Adelaide Law School 150 Club will play a historic and important role in encouraging excellence and supporting future generations of leaders.

    Adelaide Law School 150 Club

  • Seat of discovery

    Seat of discovery

    We will create an opportunity to name 150 seats for 150 years in the multi-function  Adelaide Health and Medical Science lecture theatre.

    The 150 Seats for 150 Years will allow alumni to honour our history and support future generations of Health and Medical Sciences students through clinical placements.

  • Giving Day

    Giving day

    The inaugural University of Adelaide Giving Day was introduced in 2023.

    Giving Day will return on Thursday 5 September 2024 as a 24-hour fundraising challenge where our community has fun, raises awareness and makes a gift to the cause they are most passionate about at the University of Adelaide.

  • Future teachers fund

    Future teachers fund

    The School of Education continues to make a significant contribution to the community by providing quality learning and teaching for future generations. However, as Australia faces massive teacher shortages in schools across Australia there is a need to support the 50 hours of unpaid work placements required in the 4th year.

    The Future Teachers Fund will provide grants for student teachers in their final year placement – to assist with travel costs, accommodation, and financial hardship.

  • Endowed chairs

    Endowed chairs

    Endowed funds are amongst the University of Adelaide’s most important sources of philanthropic support. Secured in perpetuity, they underwrite core activities and programs including scholarships and research. Individual donors can collectively make a huge impact when their gifts are pooled and contribute to the University Endowment Fund.

    Learn more about the University’s endowment funds.

    Endowed Research Chairs will be a priority for the Celebrate 150 Campaign.

    There will be opportunities to support Stroke Research, Indigenous Education, Sustainable Resource Engineering, Green Hydrogen, Neurogenetic Research, Evidence and Procedure, and Environmental, Social and Governance.

  • Female scholarship and status campaign

    Female scholarship and status campaign

    The University Council has endorsed a proposal to commission and install a bronze sculpture to celebrate female scholarship at the University of Adelaide and Professor Fay Gale AO was approved as the subject choice. A South Australian artist will be commissioned to create this artwork to be located in a prominent location on the North Terrace campus and unveiled as part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations.

  • Make a difference

    Make a difference

    Making a gift to the University will help transform the lives of our students and researchers and help them find answers to the big challenges of our time.

    Your gift will have an impact for many years to come and play a vital role in helping others realise their potential.

    If you are inspired to make a difference, we would be delighted to hear from you.

    Read about the Impact of Giving.

    International donors

    Many of our alum living overseas choose to make generous gifts that support scholarships, fund cutting-edge research and establish endowment funds, ensuring a financially sustainable future for our University.

    Residents in the United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong can make a gift in their local currency.

    To find out more visit give from overseas.

  • Gifts in Wills

    Gifts in Wills

    Gifts in Wills provide vital support to our students through scholarships, enable our researchers to address the world’s greatest problems and provide the finest facilities and equipment for learning and discovery.

    A gift in your Will can honour your life’s work, pay tribute to a loved one, invest in an area you are passionate about, or leave an enduring legacy to support future generations of students.

    For more information about leaving a gift in your Will.