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Independent Residential Colleges

The Residential Colleges in North Adelaide have been part of the Adelaide student accommodation scene for almost a century.  Originally associated solely with the University of Adelaide, when it was the only University in the State, the Colleges have broadened their reach over the past decades to now be home to a mix of Adelaide, UniSA and Flinders students.

They offer a unique lifestyle that is different to the University of Adelaide Village accommodation and the commercial accommodation providers, as well as being different to renting in the private residential market.  Students tend to stay in Colleges for longer, often through their whole degree, and usually build lifelong friendships with their College flatmates. Students in their later years often take leadership and tutorial positions to assist first year students. The Colleges cater predominantly to regional South Australian students who come to live in the city to study, but also welcome international students.

 All colleges have signed a “Charter Of Student Fairness and Wellbeing” outlining their commitment to the needs of the students during their stay.  A copy of the signed deed is available here.

    The Colleges are completely independent of the Universities, so if you are interested in this unique lifestyle choice, contact them directly to see what options are available. 

    Kathleen Lumley College is exclusively for postgraduate students, whilst St. Marks, St. Ann’s, Aquinas and Lincoln all offer accommodation to undergraduate students.