The University of Adelaide Village

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Live to succeed at the University of Adelaide Village.

A short five minute walk from The Village is Central Market where students can buy fresh and healthy market produce, including fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood.

Located next to Central Market is Chinatown where residents can access an abundance of food options, mostly of Asian persuasion, from a variety of food courts, specialist supermarkets and affordable restaurants.

Behind Chinatown, and just minutes from The Village, is the Gouger street café precinct where residents can enjoy hot balmy summer nights and cosy winter evenings in the company of good friends and housemates, over coffee or a pot of tea.

The Village is an NPAS accredited property which means it is being operated to a set of industry led minimum standards for the exclusive use of students with a focus on student safety and wellbeing.

  • Student engagement

    Designed to provide additional support to students during intensive study periods and to encourage them to make the most of University life, our award winning student engagement program offers Village residents the opportunity to participate in learning support programs, sport and social activities, planned, co-ordinated and conducted in-house.

    A spacious recreation room complete with a home entertainment theatre, with access to free to air and satellite television, a PlayStation compound, pool table and table tennis, the recreation room is the perfect location to meet fellow students and develop friendships that may last a life time and reach across global borders.

    The Village offers University of Adelaide students the perfect platform from which to make a supported transition into University life.

  • Study resources

    While classmates spend extended hours on campus to access the study resources they can’t replicate in other accommodation environments, Village residents benefit from the convenience of being able to return to the comfort of their accommodation environment to complete assignments and prepare for exams.

    The Village offers residents access to free and unlimited WI-FI in all areas of the facility, a fully equipped computer room with connection from all bedrooms to a wireless printer located in the computer room which is supplied with both MAC and standard PC’s.

    Dedicated study rooms with HD screens can be booked, free of charge, for quiet individual study or for group assignments.

  • Shuttle bus

    The Village offers the convenience of a free door to door shuttle service for residents making it easy for students to get to lectures on time.

    The Village shuttle service operates nine times a day, Monday through Friday and connects residents to the Medical School and North Terrace campus. Seats are limited and must be booked in advance.

    Indicate Timetable

    Bus Stop


    Service No.1

    Service No. 2

    Service No. 3

    Service No. 4

    Service No. 5

    Service No. 6

    Service No. 7

    Service No. 8

    Service No. 9

    The Village (UAV) 210 Grote St. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00

    Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)

     North Terrace 7:07 7:37 8:07 8:37 9:07 9:37 10:07 10:37 11:07

    Medical School (UAMS)

     North Terrace 7:09 7:39 8:09 8:39 9:09 9:39 10:09 10:39 11:09

    North Terrace Campus (NTC)

    Opp. State Art Gallery 7:15 7:45 8:15 8:45 9:15 9:45 10:15 10:45 11:15
    Chinatown (CT) Lion Gate (North End Moonta St.) *N/S *N/S *N/S *N/S *N/S *N/S 10:23 10:53 11:23
    The Village (UAV) 210 Grote St. 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30


    *N/S - No service

    This service is subject to change due to traffic conditions.

    Village residents also have access to the free city connector bus and the inter-campus bus service, which operates from North Terrace campus and will return residents to The Village after hours.

  • Security

    The Village offers independent living in a supervised environment.

    University staff and security personnel are available at the main reception desk located at the entrance to The Village, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to ensure the residential environment is kept safe and conducive to academic success at all times.

    A sophisticated access control system offers peace of mind by ensuring that only registered occupants of The Village can gain entry to the facility or access to the accommodation precinct.

    Security surveillance cameras installed throughout the common areas of the facility are monitored locally and by the security office on North Terrace campus.

  • Room types

    Fully furnished five bedroom townhouses or four bedroom apartments, complete with generous common living spaces, functional bedrooms, decorated with warm and happy colours, elevate the Village living experience above more contemporary student accommodation options.

    Choose between a private bedroom with access to its own bathroom or the more affordable choice of a private bedroom, sharing a bathroom, with one other student of the same gender.

    Spacious common kitchens shared with housemates come complete with a large fridge, electric cooktop, oven, toaster and kettle.

    Take a virtual tour

    4 bedroom apartment

    Take a virtual tour of a four bedroom apartment at the University of Adelaide Village.

    5 bedroom townhouse

    Take a virtual tour of a five bedroom townhouse at the University of Adelaide Village.

  • Floor plans

    Choose Townhouse or Apartment living at The Village. All the accommodation offered in The Village has been carefully designed to cater for the wide range of students' needs.

    Virtual tour (4 bedroom apartment)  Virtual tour (5 bedroom townhouse)

    *N.B. This is an indicative floor plan only. Floor plans differ from one townhouse/apartment to another throughout the facility. Plans are not to scale.

  • Photo gallery

  • 2024 accommodation fees

    Consider the exceptional value of an accommodation fee that includes access to a fully furnished dwelling, an unlimited wireless internet connection and all utilities (i.e. water, gas and electricity): with the flexibility of paying the accommodation fee over two instalments (April and September) directly to the University through the course of the year.

    An on-site laundromat offers residents secure access to commercial capacity washing machines and dryers operated by smart card technology.

    The Village fee schedule

    Please note: fees listed are for a full calendar year and represent a cost per person.

    Private bathroom AUD $18,980
    Shared bathroom* AUD $17,680
    Refundable security deposit AUD $500
    Shared bathroom* AUD $17,680
    Refundable security deposit AUD $500

    *Shared bathrooms are shared between two occupants of the same gender.

    The accommodation fee includes the cost of all utilities (including unlimited wireless internet, water, gas and electricity).