About the Institute

The State Government of South Australia and the University of Adelaide are co-investing in an Australian Institute for Machine Learning to:

  1. Upskill South Australian workers in Artificial Intelligence and its application to the workplace.
  2. Build new AI-enabled defence capabilities.
  3. Support cost-effective adoption of Artificial Intelligence by South Australian government agencies.
  4. Directly support local South Australian businesses to develop new products based on Artificial Intelligence.

Our four point strategy

The AIML will provide the impetus to successfully transition South Australia to an AI-enabled, 21st Century economy through the following four programs:

Artificial Intelligence skills development

Developing a workforce with the appropriate skills, critical for South Australia to grow an AI industry sector.

Defence industry engagement

South Australia has a long history of success in defence research, underpinned by strong education and industry alliances. AIML will for partnerships with the defence industry, which will be vital in the successful delivery and sustainment of the country's enhanced defence capabilities.

Government efficiency engagement

AIML will with State Government on the adoption of AI into Government processes to improve productivity and efficiency and service delivery to South Australian citizens.

SME engagement and global R&D

AIML is seeking South Australian businesses that wish to integrate and adopt machine learning and AI to drive transformational productivity growth and improve their local and global competitiveness. It will also aim to attract international partners to collaborate on AI related R&D projects in South Australia.

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