Centre for Augmented Reasoning

Making computers more capable of understanding humans, our instructions and needs, through more natural conversation.

The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Augmented Reasoning (CAR) is a four year $20 million investment by the Department of Education in people and research to develop the high-calibre machine learning expertise Australia needs to be an active participant in the machine learning-enabled global economy.

Building on the University’s existing research strengths at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), the centre is supporting high performance machine learning research, providing valuable scholarship opportunities, supporting AI commercialisation initiatives, and becoming a leading voice in Australia’s AI landscape.

Our vision is for the University of Adelaide to be recognised globally as a centre of research excellence in machine learning and augmented reasoning by 2026. 

Centre objectives

Through the new centre, we aim to train a new generation of experts in machine learning, which is the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is driving real economic impact today. Our objectives are to:

  • build world-class capability in machine learning research
  • increase impact of machine learning research in Australia
  • establish the University of Adelaide as a key strategic research institute for machine learning in Australia
  • attract funding beyond the lifetime of Commonwealth funding
  • stimulate commercialisation of artificial intelligence in Australia
  • increase the application of artificial intelligence in Australia’s industries
  • increase gender equity in machine learning research
  • promote the value of the centre to Australia and the world.