people in meeting room looking at a large screen with computer code

The Centre for Augmented Reasoning (CAR) is being funded to develop the high-calibre machine learning expertise the nation needs to be an active participant in the coming machine learning-enabled global economy.

The Centre for Augmented Reasoning (CAR) will invest to push the capacities of machine learning. The centre’s vision and objectives will be delivered through six  programs over four years.

CAR programs

  • Program 1: Advanced reasoning research grants

    A research program for CAR staff to deliver a ‘first in class’ research outcomes in the focus areas of:

    • natural language processing
    • computer vision
    • deep learning and machine reasoning.
  • Program 2: PhD scholarships

    Nine 3-year PhD scholarships with the option of 4-year scholarships that include a transition year specifically focused on attracting women from other disciplines.

  • Program 3: High performance researcher support

    To attract and retain high performance researchers and to support applications for fellowships such as DECRA, Future Fellow, Laureate Fellow.

  • Program 4: Innovation fund

    A $3.5 million innovation fund for machine learning investment will support local collaboration opportunities, strategic development programs, and new business ventures.

    Commencing in 2023, the fund aims to stimulate commercialisation of AI in Australia, with at least 10 new commercial opportunities arising from the centre’s research over the life of the program. These include:

    • seed funding to launch new start-ups involving the University’s researchers and graduates
    • collaborations with external companies to co-develop new AI-enabled products and capabilities
    • projects to extend the impact and reach of our world-class research
  • Program 5: Community engagement

    CAR will be a leading voice in the community to help improve artificial intelligence literacy in Australia and increase the visibility of Australia’s growing AI capability globally.

    The centre will work with government, industry and the broader community to demonstrate the importance of AI and machine learning for Australia. We will work with journalists, writers, artists, and musicians, to explore what AI can mean for all Australians, and how it will impact and improve our lives.

  • Program 6: Equipment and operations

    Governance and operational support for the centre includes a Program Manager, administrative and communications staff, as well as funding for computer hardware and maintenance.