ARC Success!

Congratulations to Anton van den Hengel, Ian Reid, Anthony Dick, TJ Chin, Chunhua Shen and David Suter!

Well done on the following ARC 2013 grants that were recently awarded:

Prof Ian Reid and Dr Anthony Dick have secured $358,000 of ARC funding over the next three years for the below DP:

Title: Recognising and reconstructing objects in real time from a moving camera


Prof David Suter and Dr TJ Chin along with a number of colleagues have secured $330,000 over the next three years. Their DP is:

Title: Improved image analysis: maximised statistical use of geometry/shape constraints

and finally

Congratulations to Prof Anton van den Hengel, Prof Ian Reid, Prof David Suter, Dr Anthony Dick and Dr Chunhua Shen who have secured a 2013 LIEF project with a number of colleagues, worth $210,000.

Title: Approved Computational infrastructure for machine learning in computer vision

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