Second Scenes from Video workshop to be held in Chile


Michael Black and Anton van den Hengel are organising the Second Scenes from Video workshop, which will be held in the Colchagua Valley, one of Chile’s pre-eminent wine regions, and will include a variety of  functions and excursions exploring the region and its fare.

The Workshop will be the second in the series, held in association  with ICCV, and focusses on extracting physical and semantic  information from video.  There is a long history of extracting  physical information from images video including: albedo, shading,  surface shape, camera motion, structure, flow, scene flow, etc.  Similarly there is a long history of extracting semantic information  from images including: object detection, semantic labels, and scene layout. There is surprisingly little work drawing these lines of research together to extract rich scene descriptions from video.  This series of workshops aims to address this issue.

The first workshop, in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, was a great success.  The second can only be better.

The Second Scenes from Video Workshop will be held in December in Chile, immediately following ICCV.

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