2nd place in xVIEW Challenge

A team from AIML featuring Jamie Sherrah and Phil Roberts, and DST Group’s Victor Stamatescu has beaten more than 4000 submissions from around the world to gain second place in the Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) xVIEW Challenge. 

Launched in March 2018 in partnership with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, DIU’s xView Challenge allowed participants to submit and test their algorithms against the xView dataset. The dataset contains overhead imagery covering 1,415 km2 of complex scenes from around the world and includes more than 1.0 million bounding box annotations across 60 object classes.

The top performing algorithms were 300 percent more accurate than the government produced baseline. Moreover, Challenge participants’ algorithms advanced computer vision proficiency across four core elements of overhead imagery analysis, reducing the minimum resolution for detection, improving learning efficiency, enabling discovery of more object classes, and improving detection of fine-grained object classes.

More details are here   https://www.diux.mil/news-events/news/From-Algorithms-to-Automated-Post-Disaster-Assessments-in-a-Fraction-of-Time 

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