AIML awarded over $1 million in ARC Grants 

University of Adelaide researchers have been awarded more than $13.8 million for new research, with AIML receiving just over $1 million of those funds. 

Dr Qi Wu's  prestigious DECRA win of $408,000 will go towards research into conversational vision-based Artificial Intelligence. This project aims to develop a novel learning framework, Vision-Ask-Answer-Act (V3A). This framework will allow a machine to perform a sequence of actions via a conversation with human users, based on intricate processing of not just visual input, but human-computer verbal exchanges. The outcomes of this project will push the boundary of vision-language research to produce a conversational intelligent agent that can be easily used in common situations across industry, transport, the medical sector, and at home.

A team lead by Professor Anton van den Hengel, and including Professor Ian Reid, Professor Chunhua Shen, Associate Professor Anthony Dick and Associate Professor Gustavo Carneiro, has received a $726,921 LIEF grant to develop a world-class machine learning facility for Australia. The project will provide machine learning researchers from Australia with the hardware they need to continue their research and attract and retain high-calibre researchers in this very competitive research field. It will provide the computational infrastructure for Australian researchers to carry out world-class, innovative machine learning research now, and in the future. 

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