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Preventing Rage Against The Machine

Zygmunt Szpak

The COVID-19 crisis has severely disrupted the way companies organise and perform work, intensifying the rate at which organisations are adopting new technologies to increase productivity and manage remote workers. Many companies are exploring the potential benefits of artificial intelligence capabilities for transforming the way their employees work. 

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Keeping Australia Safe with AI

Speeding disease diagnosis

As data becomes increasingly valuable, the need for strong cyber security infrastructure intensifies. In an article by Simon Evans from the Australian Financial Review, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning is identified as a key player in improving the nation's defence capabilities.

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$20M to Establish Centre for Augmented Reasoning at AIML

Benefits to South Australia

Australia’s position as a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be further boosted thanks to $20 million announced in the Federal Budget towards a new national Centre for Augmented Reasoning, to be based at the University of Adelaide.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Setting


South Australia’s health research sector is among the best in the world, with its renowned infrastructure and applications of new and advanced technologies having a global impact. South Australia has world-leading Artificial Intelligence research capability and a range of other world-class researchers in multiple areas in biomedical research.

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