National Youth Science Forum at AIML

AI presentation for students

Introduction to AIML presentation

AIML had the pleasure of welcoming the Australian National Youth Science Forum students for presentations and demonstrations from our researchers earlier this month.

The National Youth Science Forum allows high achieving incoming year 12 students from around Australia to get a glimpse of opportunities available to those in STEM fields.

AIML had an action packed hour with the students - the overall goal being to excite students about the future of AI.

Thomas Walker shared his experience as a recent graduate of the University of Adelaide's computer science program, highlighting the vast range of opportunities available to students both at the university and within industry. 

Dr Rafa Felix outlined what a day in the life of a post-doctoral researcher looks like. He explained that research is all about finding and solving challenging problems and that no two days are the same. Rafa taught the students the basics of Visual Question Answering, a new field of AI at the intersection of computer vision and natural language processing that is sure to change our lives in the coming years. 

Lidar demonstration

Lidar demonstration

Thomas Rowntree showed the ability of advanced sensing systems by delivering a live lidar demonstration This gave the students a better understanding of some of the technologies that are being used in driverless cars and other autonomous systems.

Promoting STEM to the next generation is of upmost importance for the continued advancement of our society and AIML is proud to have would class researchers that can do so.

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