AIML confirmed as 2nd in the world for computer vision research

Qi Wu

Dr Qi Wu, Director of Vision And Language Methods at AIML

Story written by Dr Sarah Keenihan, AIML

Researchers from the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), the University of Adelaide have 28 papers accepted for presentation at the virtual CVPR (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) conference coming up in June 2021. 

Together, data collected from papers accepted to top conferences contributes to AIML being ranked second in the world and first in Australasia for computer vision research published over the period 2016-2021. 

In science and technology, professional conferences are equivalent to premier events for sports stars: think of elite runners qualifying for the Olympics, the World Championships in Athletics and the Boston Marathon, for example. 

Qi Wu’s Vision and Language Methods research group at AIML is presenting 6 papers at CVPR 2021. 

“Mostly, we publish our research at conferences in the first instance,” Qi says. “Journal papers can take one or even two years to become public, and so we chose conferences as a much quicker way to share our findings.”  

In addition to CVPR, other leading conferences for computer vision are the International Conference on Computer Vision, and the European Conference on Computer Vision. 

“If peers want to know the calibre of our research, they look at how many papers we’re presented at these top three conferences and monitor how impactful they are,” Qi adds. “And if you want a PhD in computer vision, really you have to have a paper accepted to a top conference.” 

Qi is Director of Vision and Language Methods at AIML, a Senior Lecturer and an ARC DECRA Fellow. His model for vision and language navigation (where a computer is tasked with navigating to a target location by following a specific natural language instruction) is considered the current state-of-the-art in the field. 


AIML will host an Australian hub for CVPR 2021 (CVPR-AU@AIML) at The University of Adelaide, South Australia in September 2021. More details will be published on our website and social media soon.

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