Artificial intelligence update for your ears

Adelaide Uni

Despite many other misgivings, 2021 is the perfect year to enjoy podcasts. 

The 2021 Adelaide Festival of Ideas provides plenty of fresh fodder, including a conversation The Art of Artificial Intelligence. 

In this episode, Australian Institute for Machine Learning members share some insights about AI and how it’s changing our lives. 

This isn’t a highly technical presentation – it’s a fun listen. Plug it on your next neighbourhood walk. 

You can listen via the website, on a podcast app or on Spotify. 

Professor Anton van den Hengel
AI is always 20 years away – irrespective of when you ask, it’s whatever we think we’re going to be able to do in 20 years time.Professor Anton van den Hengel


Paul Pic
AI is creating the next economy – and we’re building an AI economy here in SA.Dr Paul Dalby


Jamie Sherrah
I’m lucky, because I get to work on fun stuff. For example, we’re generating a machine learning recipe for beer.Dr Jamie Sherrah


All the fancy buildings here on North Terrace – SAHMRI, the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning – we’re all working together to develop special applications.Dr Johan Verjans


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