VQA: Vision and Language

VQA gives computers the ability to see and understand their environment and answer questions. 

It is fundamentally different to traditional computer vision technology in that the system is trained to answer general questions about images, rather than look for a specific image type. 

VQA gives natural language answers to natural language questions about the content of visual images. 

AIML has won numerous global competitions in VQA and have made major contributions to the development of the methodology. 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    NLP is a branch of AI whereby computers are programmed to understand, process and analyse human language, giving them the ability to interact with humans in both text and spoken language. Think virtual assistant Siri on your iPhone, or your Amazon Alexa. 

    NLP can be used to extract data from written documents into databases, to automate the process of writing reports and to develop machines that can interact with a human by spoken word only.