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Art Intelligence Hackathon

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Will common sense be defined by robots? - POSTPONED

Whether or not you're excited about it, robots and artificial intelligence are an inevitable part of a changing landscape. Thanks to films littered with rogue A.I.s and robots programmed for world-domination, some people are understandably worried about the prospect of a world overrun by such technologies. This talk will de-mystify whether robots will in fact define common sense as we know it, and whether indeed humans can be replicated or replaced.

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AI @ Port Library - POSTPONED

Join us as we hear from Dr Zygmunt Szpak about the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is rapidly transforming the global economy.

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Machine Learning for Executives

Machine Learning is disrupting industry. From financial services to medical devices to legal services, machine learning technology is changing the way businesses operate.

Aimed at executives and professionals wanting to understand machine learning and its applications, this course will take you through the fundamental stages of a machine learning project, from conceptualisation to development to evaluation.

Seeing the evolution of a complete machine learning project will give you a unique perspective, allowing you to engage with key concepts, and understand where machine learning could apply in your organisation.

The course will equip you with the knowledge you need to prepare your organisation for machine learning technology.

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Research Tuesdays: Machine Learning and Health


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Harnessing AI

Will AI make or break your business? The Australian Financial Review convenes the biggest brains in Artificial Intelligence research, investment and implementation to investigate how Australian businesses can harness AI technology for competitive advantage. Surround yourself with cutting-edge 360º expert advice on how AI can drive value in your business at the first event in the AFR Future Briefings premium breakfast series.

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Adelaide AI Meetup

The next Adelaide AI meetup will be held on Monday 18th November with the fantastic interstate speaker Chris Rowlands.

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Are robots taking our jobs?

Will I have to compete against a robot for my next job? What does the future workforce look like?

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Future Adelaide

We live in interesting times.

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When fashion meets AI

The fashion industry is becoming more intelligent with the help of AI and machine learning. These technologies are transforming the industry, from the way that products are designed and manufactured, to the techniques used to market and sell.

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