External Service Providers

Please see a list of other reputable suppliers and service providers.

  • Animal Resources Centre (ARC)

    ARC is a totally self-funding Statutory Authority of the Government of Western Australia which was established in 1981 to produce high quality Specific Pathogen Free (SPF), genetically defined laboratory animals for research, diagnostic purposes and teaching.

    The ARC produces outbred, inbred, mutant, hybrid, congenic, transgenic and targeted mutant strains of mice, outbred, inbred and mutant strains of rats.

    ARC website

  • Charles River Laboratory (CRL)

    CRL is, at its core, the largest laboratory animal production company in the world, principally known as a supplier of laboratory rodents. They currently produce highly defined purpose-bred laboratory animals in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, and throughout Europe.

    CRL website

  • Envigo (formerly Harlan)

    Since 1931, Envigo has provided quality laboratory animals and services to support the scientific community. Harlan now produces over 240 stocks and strains of laboratory animals and develop and implement worldwide uniform quality control programs.

    Envigo website

  • The Jackson Laboratory

    Each year, the Jackson Laboratory supplies approximately two million JAX mice from over 1,700 stocks and strains to universities, medical schools and research laboratories all over the world. Rigorous quality controls ensure the standardisation, health and genetic purity required for scientific research. The Laboratory operates the world's largest frozen mouse embryo repository which preserves important stocks and strains of mice for use in future research.

    The Jackson Laboratory website

  • SA Genome Editing Facility (SAGE)

    A one-stop-shop for custom Knock Out (KO) mice.

    Are you interested in fast access to KO mice at a highly competitive price? The SAGE Facility uses cutting edge genome editing technology to generate mutant mice for a wide range of applications.

    SAGE uses an innovative new approach to generate KO mice that does not rely on traditional ES cell-based methods. Instead, we use genome editing (CRISPR) technology to directly modify the genome of zygotic (1 cell) embryos. Recent publications have shown that this is a highly efficient approach and we have already generated over 15 KO mouse strains using this method. Genome editing in zygotes offers many advantages over traditional methods including much faster generation of KO animals (within 3-6 weeks of injection), lower cost and complete control over the genetic background.

    SAGE Facility website

  • AMS-Animal Management System

    A comprehensive cross-platform database solution for research and breeding animal tracking, management and reporting. Designed, built and tested by Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in close consultation with research institutions, AMS is a flexible solution that encourages a standardised approach to your animal management, data recording and reporting.


  • The Whole Mouse Catalogue

    This website serves as a central place to link numerous internet resources of particular interest to scientific researchers using mice or rats in their work. In addition to a somewhat exhaustive listing of especially useful internet resources, you'll also find some conference announcements and other assorted information here.

    The Whole Mouse Catalogue