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Current Price List

  • 2017 Price List

    This list provides details on 2017 charges for inbred, outbred and hybrid rodents for internal clients and external clients.

    Current Price List
    Products Species/Strain
    Mice (Inbred)
    Balb/c $16.21
    Balb/c weighed $17.83
    CBA $16.21
    CBA weighed $17.83
    Lactating female $50.24
    Time mated $57.30
    Pregnant $41.10
    New born (<6days) $7.18
    Exbreeder $18.75
    Mice (Hybrid F1)
    CBA F1 $17.94
    CBAF1 weighed $19.74
    Lactating female $75.42
    Time mated $80.80
    Pregnant $64.60
    New born (<6days) $7.52
    Exbreeder $21.53
    Mice (Outbred)
    Swiss $9.90
    Swiss weighed $10.89
    Lactating female $34.21
    Time mated $37.62
    Pregnant $23.33
    New born (<6days) $3.24
    Exbreeder $13.49
    Rats (Outbred)
    Sprague Dawley $23.33
    Sprague Dawley Weighed $25.66
    Lactating female $46.65
    Time mated $71.77
    pregnant $57.42
    New born (<6days) $7.18
    Exbreeder $26.91
    Cull rats $5.62
    Cull mice $3.87

    Internal prices have not increased. External prices have increased by 5%.

    Please note that there is a 10% surcharge for animals requested by weight and add 50 cents per week after 10 weeks of age for mice. Rats are only held till 6 weeks of age but will be held till 8 weeks if ordered early enough to reserve.

Rat Production

Following a review of rat colony production costs we have been forced to make significant changes to ensure future viability of the colonies. We are no longer breeding the DA or Hooded Wistar rat colony so these will be sourced from ARC, Perth.

Only rat stock up to 6 weeks old will be available and all that is not issued at that age will be culled. However, for orders received ahead of time, we will hold rats up to 8 weeks old at the Production Facility. If rats are required older than 8 weeks, they will be transferred to the Research Facility holding room or requesting campus/institution to be aged there.

Please contact Andrew Bartlett, or 08 8313 4665 if you would like to discuss further.

  • Agistment Costs

    This list details maintenance costs and charges for barrier access, cage holding and technical assistance.

    Agistment Costs
    Agistment Type (per week)
    Mice $9.40
    Rats $9.40
    Xenopus/Frogs $11.98
    Lambs (Roseworthy LRC) pre-weaned $11.80
    Lambs (Roseworthy LRC) weaned $29.76
    Sheep (Roseworthy LRC) floor pen $29.76
    Barrier Entries (gowns) $2.39
    Barrier Entries (suits) n/c
    Technical Assistance (per hour) $46.18
    Senior Technical Assistance (per hour) $54.73


Laboratory Animal Services provides free delivery to Adelaide (CBD) institutions once per week (Wednesday). Additional deliveries can be arranged for a courier cost of $32 within Adelaide CBD. For outside of the CBD please contact for pricing.  For interstate and overseas deliveries, freight charges plus containers will apply.

As an AQIS approved quarantine facility, we are able to import and supply any internationally available laboratory animal. However a quarantine period and continued health status testing apply for animals from non-approved suppliers or overseas. Further information is available in the left hand navigation panel DAFF/AQIS or alternatively please contact Tiffany Boehm email

Prices quoted are subject to change without notice, so please confirm prices when ordering.

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