Concentrating solar thermal (CST) in the Bayer Alumina Process.

An Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded project.

Our researchers have found that introducing concentrating solar thermal (CST) technologies to the Bayer alumina process could enable a 29-45% solar share.  This would displace the need for natural gas and decrease operating fuel costs. The best part is that:

  • CST can be integrated within the existing refineries and existing fuel supply systems to achieve continuous operation continuously– vital for 24/7 industries
  • plant equipment will not need to be altered extensively. 

Download the latest project report from ITP entitled, "Feasibility Study of CST Technologies for the Low Temperature Requirements of the Bayer Alumina Process".

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Findings from the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report

A report written from last year’s HiTeMP-2 Forum, the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report has been released. Hear Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the Centre for Energy Technology (CET) and Deputy Director of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) , discuss the HiTeMP-2 Outlook Report, download a copy of the report and/or register your interest to attend HiTeMP-3 in 2022.



Commercialising alumina refining using solar heat

An Australian research team led by Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the Centre for Energy Technology, at the University of Adelaide have demonstrated for the first time, a novel solar reactor for calcining alumina, a process which typically takes place at around 950C.

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