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Sun safety

A reminder of our sun safe policy. Children are to have sunscreen applied between September 1 and April 30 and to wear hats when outdoors at all times of the year.

30+ sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before outside play. In spring and summer it is good if families can apply sunscreen to their child before they leave home or when they arrive at the centre and write an "S" on the daily attendance sheet. (Please check with staff in your child’s room).

Hats must shade the face, back of the neck and ears, this means that hats need to have a brim around the whole circumference of the hat.


PAG and Board matters

The Adelaide University Childcare Services Inc Board meets on the last Monday of each month.

Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meetings are held last Monday of each month.

Our standing agenda includes: Board report, staff reports and Directors report.