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Inclusion Aware

WCCC are certified Inclusion Aware

Inclusion awareness is a component of inclusive practices which refers to the consistent and considered thought given to environments, resources and planning to ensure we are ready and able to welcome children and families regardless of needs, abilities, interests and background. Gowrie SA as the Inclusion Agency for South Australia has recognised WCCC as having strong inclusion awareness.


  • We have an active Strategic Inclusion Plan in place.
  • Environments and programs are planned to support participation and recognise strengths of children.
  • The focus is on the whole environment and not just an individual child.
  • We have a commitment to identifying any barriers to inclusion and actively seeking solutions and strategies to address these.
  • We collaborate and build partnerships with families and communities.

Certification is available in six areas of Community and Culture, Relationships and Interactions, Environment and Educator Practices, Knowledge and Skills, and Innovative Solutions. WCCC has been awarded all six areas.

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Diary dates 2023

WCCC Calendar of Events

2023 Closure Day

Our closure day for 2023 will be held on Monday 9th October. We will be working again with Ngunawal artist Kristal Matthews, who will provide us with a session to develop our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture. We will also share some time painting and sharing culture together.

Reconciliation Action Plan Meeting

Tuesday 28th March we are holding a zoom meeting inviting everyone in the WCCC community to attend. We will be joined by Natalie Gentle, Education Project Officer for Reconciliation SA, who is supporting us on your journey. The meeting has the aim of setting a plan of action for the development of the WCCC Reconciliation Action Plan.

Early closure days

The Centre has two to three early closure days each year for the whole centre team to engage in extended learning opportunities together. Our first Early Closure Day for 2023 will be held on Tuesday August 15th. WCCC will close at 4.30pm so the team can complete our annual CPR training refresher.

Belonging, Being & Becoming at Waite Campus Childrens Centre

Waite Campus Childrens Centre programs and curricula are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) , Belonging, Being and Becoming Version 2.  This version is being rolled out during 2023 and will be the official curriculum document by February 2024. The supports the development of strong relationships between educators and children and provides the foundation for programs of learning and development that are responsive to each child's strengths and interests.

All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.Early Years Learning Framework

Waite Campus Childrens Centre is committed to continuous improvement of its service and the ongoing professional development of educators to maintain our commitment to high quality early education and care. We have a detailed plan for this development with key outcomes linked to the National Quality Standards.

Waite Campus Childrens Centre Quality Improvement Plan

WCCC Quality Improvement Plan


Connect Ed trauma-informed education and care

Trauma-informed education and care

The educator team at Waite Campus Childrens Centre have completed a program accessing Innovative Solutions funding from the Inclusion Development Fund Manager and Gowrie SA. The team worked with Kerra-Lee Shearer from Connect.Ed, over a period of 8 months to develop skills and understandings in the effects of early trauma on young children's brain development, behaviour and regulation.

Keeping safe child protection curriculum

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum trained 2020

Our two Early Childhood Teachers in the Preschool area have completed full day training in the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum in July 2020, and the refresher training in 2021.


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Safe Sleep trained 2023

Educators in our Under Two's Room have completed Safe Sleep Training through Sids and Kids SA, during March 2023.