We want to thank you and your entire team again for all you have done for our daughter over the years. We still recall the first day we placed our daughter in your care, and since that day, you have continually and without fail looked after her with great love, patience, kindness and attention as she progressed through all the three rooms. You and your team have been instrumental in shaping her into the little person she is today. Throughout all the years, we always felt informed and supported as parents. You provided her with diverse experiences and were there for her for many of her pivotal developmental moments. 

 She is very fond of all of you. Throughout all the time she spent with you, she never said that she didn't want to go to daycare or expressed any serious apprehension. The few occasions when she did cling on during drop off, your team always had a way of disarming her and putting her at ease. We have precious memories and moments from each of the three rooms. 

 From what we saw and from what our daughter expressed, it was clear that your team put a lot of thought into helping her develop her interests. It was always a pleasure talking to the educators and hearing about her day. 

 Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to all of you. Our memories of our daughter as a baby and toddler will forever be intimately tied to all of you. 

 We wish you all the very best. May you continue to thrive in your work, and know that all your persistent and tireless work has a profound and lasting impact.  WCCC family


Today is Julia’s last day at the WCCC. We can only sincerely thank each of you for the last couple of years, the critical role you had on Julia’s early education, and above all, for looking after our children as if they were your own; truly, you have been her second family and a critical support for us parents. You do what I believe to be one of the most noble jobs in our society: to look after the young ones and helping them become good human beings. So keep it up and again thank you! We wish you all the very best. We will treasure our memories from WCCC; you guys are great!  André


We departed with mixed feelings of sadness and excitement for Jace. Jace still talks about his friends at Waite and the other day was going through one of his portfolio’s and pointing to his friends. We wanted to thank you Eleanor for the wonderful experience you and your team provided for Jace during his early years of development and learning. It really felt like extended family for us, it is such a special environment with great people and great support.   Natoiya


We are very grateful for your support over the years, and also from Dani, as we worked our way through the confusion of different options for our son who we love very much! We have really appreciated the extra effort that you both put into your care of the children and also us as their parents as we moved through the years. You run a wonderful centre with a unique child focus that is just excellent. I'm also very grateful to the room three staff who have helped our son to make a speedier than usual transition to room three. He is already quite fond of Dani (particularly feeding the turtle with her), and Eunice manage a very excellent piece of magic for his first day back. He went from "Go home now!", to happily going with Eunice to wave goodbye to us at the fence (after lovely story read to him).  WCCC family


We are so fortunate to be part of the WCCC village for 4 years and will really miss everyone there. I'm sure Heidi is the bright, happy, fun child that she is because of her time at WCCC! Gosh, we couldn't have done it without you all!  Sara


Thank you so much for all your kindness and help. Our family really appreciates it🥰😍 It has also been a huge support when we didn't really have family to help out.  Laura


I just wanted to say thankyou for providing a safe and vibrant environment for our girls. The WCCC staff are all very kind and professional and as a result we have seen our girls flourish under their care.  WCCC family


I can't believe that the same girl who took weeks to get used to daycare waltzed right across the door to school with no hesitation! Her confidence built during her early years was wholeheartedly supported by you and the staff of WCCC.   Nina


Thanks so much for providing a friendly atmosphere for our son where he learned and grew up. All your teachers and workers are reliable, respectful, caring, and fun-loving. You’re truly the best! While I was at work, my mind was always at ease because I knew our son was in a safe place, learning and having fun with his peers. Much appreciated for being a positive impact on our son's life! I also appreciate all the attention you put into making sure he is ready for the next stage in his life. We are sad to say goodbye and we will miss your centre forever. We wish you and all of the educators in WCCC all the best!  Jinglei