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Diary Dates 2020

Closure Day

The Centre has one closure day each year. The closure day for 2020 will be on a date to be notified. The closure day provides an opportunity for the whole centre team to learn together.

Early Closure Days

The Centre has two to three early closure days each year for the whole centre team to engage in extended learning opportunities together. In 2020 our early closure days are planned for Tuesday 26th May and Wednesday 29th July.

In March 2020 the Centre has secured Innovative Solutions funding from Gowrie SA, the Inclusion Support Agency. This opportunity will support the educator team to engage in professional development, learning the effects of early developmental trauma on children's brain development, and how to support inclusive practices in the early learning setting.

Belonging, Being & Becoming at Waite Campus Childrens Centre

Waite Campus Childrens Centre programs and curricula are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) , Belonging, Being and Becoming. This supports the development of strong relationships between educators and children and provides the foundation for programs of learning and development that are responsive to each child's strengths and interests.

“All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.” (EYLF)

Waite Campus Childrens Centre is committed to continuous improvement of its service and the ongoing professional development of educators to maintain our commitment to high quality early education and care. We have a detailed plan for this development with key outcomes linked to the National Quality Standards.

WCCC Program Information

Family Portfolio Review

Safe Sleep Trained 2020

Educators in our Under Two's Room have completed Safe Sleep Training through Sids and Kids SA, during March 2020.

Inclusion Aware

Waite Campus Childrens Centre has been certified Inclusion Aware, an initiative from Gowrie SA. This certification refers to the consistent and considered thought about environments, resources and planning to support the welcoming of children and families with a diverse range of abilities, interests and backgrounds.


Mandarin Immersion

In 2008 WCCC implemented an additive bilingual (L2) program in Mandarin in our 3-school age age group (Room 3).

In 2016 WCCC joined the ELLA program and we now also provide a digital play-based program in Chinese (Mandarin) to all preschool age children.

Why ?

  • Every child has the ability to learn additional languages
  • Learning a second language enhances children’s reading readiness as it develops their metalinguistic awareness or capacity to use knowledge about language.
  • Young children are intuitive language learners and will learn a second language contextually in the same way that they learn their primary language. That is by hearing it spoken on a regular basis.
  • Bi-lingual children develop a more positive attitude to non-native languages and foreign cultures.

It is important for parents to be aware of this and discuss with their children as second language programs do well when there is support from parents.

PAG Matters 2020

The Waite Campus Childrens Centre, Urrbrae, and the Adelaide Campus Childrens Centre, Adelaide, are owned by the University of Adelaide and managed by the Adelaide University Childcare Services Inc (AUCS). This body is separately incorporated and is not part of Adelaide University. AUCS Inc is supported in its governance of these Centres by a Parent Advisory Group at each Centre and by a Director at each site who is responsible for service management, staffing and administration.

The Parent Advisory Group consists of up to 10 parents representing each section of the Centre, the Director and a staff representative.

This group supports Centre development and programs through policy and program reviews, interview panels for new educators and staff, and planning and assisting with family events.

Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meetings are currently the second Wednesday of the month between 4.30 and 5.30 pm.

Sustainable Futures for Children

Waite Campus Childrens Centre is committed to exploring and implementing ways to save water and energy, reduce waste, expand children’s environmental education and foster sustainable lifestyles. The approach to environmental education for young children is an experiential one providing opportunities for child-initiated experiences that support children to learn through discovery.

Please look at our Education for Sustainability page.


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