Nurturing successful, independent learners lies at the heart of Children's University Adelaide.

For children to develop resilience, optimism and confidence, the opportunity for self-directed learning beyond the classroom is key. Children's University Adelaide fosters wellbeing by promoting 'free range learning', encouraging children to try out new activities, discover new passions, visit new places and above all, have fun!

Benefits for students

Children's University Adelaide creates a context for children to construct identity through people, places and activities. By taking their passports to Learning Destinations, children are provided with a strategy to become successful learners; confident, creative, active and informed citizens. Children's University Adelaide allows students to make new friends that have similar interests, develop leadership skills, explore and develop new talents and celebrate and be rewarded for their achievements.

Benefits for parents

Relationships and participation with communities contribute to a child's belonging, being and becoming. Participating in the program enhances the communication, language, emotional and social development of students becoming autonomous in their own learning. Children's University Adelaide provides quality assured activities out of the school grounds; opening up opportunities in a range of different learning environments. Children's University Adelaide also provides parents with another opportunity to be involved in school activities and celebrate their child’s achievements at formal graduation ceremonies.

Winter 2015 graduation

Spring 2016 graduation