Learning Destinations

Learning Destinations are an essential part of the Children's University Australia program.

  • What are Learning Destinations?

    They are locations that provide the unique and engaging experiences where children can 'travel' outside of school hours. All Learning Destinations provide activities that children can choose to do, either independently or with their family:

    • Public Learning Destinations are places outside the school grounds and can include museums, galleries, sports clubs and libraries.
    • Restricted Learning Destinations are the activities which happen on school grounds outside lesson time.
    • Registered Learning Destination activities are validated by CU Adelaide staff to ensure a superior experience where a student can receive a stamp in their Passport to Learning.

    Learning Destinations are continuously developing new activities. The best way to access current information and events is referring to the CUA events calendar and the South Australian Learning Destination page.

    Student looking at a lizard at Cleland, one of our Learning Destinations.

    Participant looking at a lizard at Cleland, one of our Learning Destinations.

  • What activities are currently available?

    The Children's University Australia website provides a comprehensive list of all South Australian Learning Destinations and event information, but you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date information.

    Learning is dynamic, diverse and everywhere. Learning Destinations can be found across the state. Children’s University Adelaide staff are constantly looking to broaden the range of experiences available at Learning Destinations and working on setting up collaborations between Learning Destinations and connecting schools to service providers in the community.

  • Are you interested in becoming a Learning Destination?

    Do you already currently provide activities for 7-18 year olds and would like to collaborate with larger networks and expand your community profile? Children's University Adelaide creates an opportunity to engage students and promote your exciting opportunities.

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    Validated Learning Destinations are responsible for delivering quality experiences for children outside of school hours that are fun, engaging, and meet the Children's University Adelaide validation framework. Validation is the initial process in becoming a Learning Destination as part of Children's University Adelaide. Many of the activities validated through Children’s University are already existing activities that easily met the criteria for validation and had clear learning outcomes.

    All Learning Destinations are expected to operate to their statutory requirements and responsibilities in the areas of Health and Safety, Public Liability and Child Safe Environments.

  • Why become a Learning Destination?

    Becoming a Learning Destination offers the opportunity to connect your passion to a young audience. Becoming a Learning Destination can be a powerful way to engage in the community and contribute to the success and achievement of young people.

    The validation of activities across all Learning Destinations indicates the quality of the program or experience for students and families.

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