Exercise and Arrhythmia Program

The Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders has an academic exercise program with a focus towards those with arrhythmias and cardiac conditions.

Given the relationship of cardiorespiratory fitness on the heart, we run multiple studies assess the impact on arrhythmias, heart failure and sports cardiology. There are numerous opportunities for students, researchers and patients to participate in multiple ongoing studies as well as future research.

This program is run by Dr Adrian Elliott who is a physiologist and research scientist. For further information on this program please see: Dr Elliotts homepage.

Pro @ Heart study

The Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders is the lead site for the Pro @ Heart study in South Australia. This study is a long-term study assessing the effects of endurance exercise on heart function and the health of athletes.

This study is recruiting elite athletes, endurance athletes and retired endurance athletes.

more information regarding the Pro@Heart study

Active-AF study

The Active-AF study is a randomised controlled study evaluating the comparison of lifestyle-based physical activity program compared to standard of care in patients with atrial fibrillation to assess arrhythmia and symptom burden.

More information on Active AF

STEP-ICD Active study

This study is currently recruiting patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator and heart failure to undergo education and structured intervention provided by a nurse and exercise physiologist with a focus on exercise and physical intervention.

More information about the STEP-ICD Active study