Research Leaders

  • Clinical fellows

    Dr Catherine O'Shea

    Dr John Fitzgerald

    Dr Anand Thiyagarajah

    Dr Suraya Kamsani

    Dr Shaun Evans

  • Current PhD students

    The Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders has multiple PhD students undertaking projects across a diversity of topics.

    Jonathan Ariyaratnam

    Topic: Atrial fibrillation and heart failure: Reduced and preserved ejection fraction

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Dr A Elliott, Dr C Gallagher

    Catherine O'Shea

    Topic: Remote monitoring of cardiac implanted devices

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Dr M Middeldorp, Prof J Hendriks

    Anand Thiyagarajah

    Topic: Posterior left atrial pulmonary vein isolation

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Asso Prof D Lau, Dr R Mahajan

    John Fitzgerald 

    Topic: Evaluating risk factor modification on the occurrence of major cardiovascular events in patients with embolic stroke

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Dr T Kleinig, Dr C Gallagher

    Suraya Kamsani

    Topic: Detection and mapping of atrial fibrillation

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Dr M Middeldorp

    Samuel Tu

    Topic: Lifestyle and risk factors in atrial fibrillation

    Supervisors: Assoc Prof C Wong, Prof P Sanders, Dr C Gallagher

    Jenelle Dziano

    Topic: Efficacy of personalised exercise for the reduction of cardiovascular risk and primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

    Supervisors: Dr Adrian Elliott, Prof P Sanders, Dr Melissa Middeldorp

    Jackson Howie

    Topic: The effects of exercise-based rehabilitation on atrial fibrillation recurrence following catheter ablation

    Supervisors: Dr Adrian Elliott, Prof P Sanders, Dr Melissa Middeldorp

    Michael Stokes

    Topic: Effects of an Intentional Weight Loss and Prescribed Exercise Program on Outcomes in Obese Patients With Heart Failure

    Supervisors: Prof P Sanders, Assoc Prof D Lau, Prof D Kay

    Laura Nath

    Topic: Atrial fibrillation in the equine model

    Supervisors: Dr A Elliott, Prof A LeGerche, Dr S Franklin


  • Research staff

    The Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders runs numerous clinical studies. These studies are overseen by our group of clinical trials coordinators.

    Joshua McLoughney

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Amy Poyzer

    Clinical Trials Coordinator  

    Louise Del Castillo

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Hayley Kennedy

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Danielle Wlochowicz

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Stephanie Kong

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Anthony Hoang

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

    Nooria Muradi

    Clinical Trials Coordinator 

  • Scientific officers

    Judith Harrington

    EP Nurse Manager

    Lauren Wilson 

    EP Technical Manager

    Olivia McNamee

    Senior Cardiac Sonographer

    Alice Rainsford

    Senior Cardiac Sonographer

    Lauren Ruiz

    Senior Cardiac Sonographer

    Elena Pancewicz

    Senior Cardiac Sonographer


  • Administrators

    Adrian Catalano

    Executive Assistant for Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders