Join the Club

All academic and general staff, postgraduate students, and partners of members are most welcome to join.

Membership is also extended to employees of the other two universities as well as to associated organisations such as the State Library, Museum, Art Gallery, Adelaide Zoo, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A complete list of membership eligibility categories is given in Section B of the Club's Constitution.

  • How to join

    If you'd like to become a member, you can print our membership form and return it to us via email or the address shown on the form.

  • Subscription fees

    Ordinary membership

    (Entitled to Club amenities and Club management rights)

    Academic [University of Adelaide; UniSA City Campus]
    Status Level Subscription
    Full-time B,C,D,E $175
    Full-time A $75
    Part-time B,C,D,E $75
    Part-time A $35
    Visiting Research Fellow $35
    Postgraduate student $10
    Higher Education Officer [University of Adelaide; UniSA City Campus]
    Status Level Subscription
    Full-time 8,9,10 $175
    Full-time 5,6,7 $75
    Full-time 2,3,4 $35
    Part-time 8,9,10 $75
    Part-time 5,6,7 $35
    Part-time 2,3,4 $15
    Full-time employee of...
    Employer Subscription
    Unibooks $175
    Adelaide University Union $175
    CSIRO (on University of Adelaide Campus) $175
    Member / Head of: Subscription
    Member of a South Australian University Council, Faculty, Board or Committee $175
    Head of a University College $175
    Part-time employee of: Subscription
    Unibooks $75
    Adelaide University Union $75
    Employee of: Subscription
    CSIRO (not on University of Adelaide Campus) $75
    Flinders University $75

    Associate membership

    Entitled to Club amenities.

    Association with the University Subscription
    University of Adelaide Alumni Association member $50
    Retired Academic or Higher Education Officer $50
    University of Adelaide Women's Club member $25
    Non-University affiliated Spouse/Partner $25

    An employee of:

    History Trust of SA; IMVS; Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Royal Adelaide Hospital; SA Art Gallery; SA Conversation Centre; SA Constitutional Museum; SA Dental Service; SA Museum; State Library of SA; Zoological Gardens; a South Australian institution of higher education:

    • employed full-time within the 5000 postcode area: $175
    • employed part-time within the 5000 postcode area: $75
    • employed outside the 5000 postcode area: $75

    Graduate of the University of Adelaide or other institution of higher education:

    • Employed: $75
    • Unemployed: $35

    All subscriptions include the GST.

  • Manager and committee members

    Club manager

    Tom O'Gorman

    Tom O'Gorman

    Club committee members

    • Dr. Felix Patrikeeff - Chair
    • Mr Greg de Cure - Treasurer
    • Ms Teresa Chitty
    • Ms Kate Alport
    • Mrs Robina Weir
    • Ms Margaret Moore
    • Dr Sharon Mosler
    • Ms Karen Olney
    • Mr David Olney
    • Mr Paul Betts
    • Dr Kim Sorensen