Terms and Conditions

Club conditions

Full details of the conditions of membership of the Club are given in the Constitution; the main points to note are:

Resignation of membership

This must be done in accordance with the Constitution of the Club which requires such notice in writing. Should a member resign from the Club but wish to re-join at a later stage, the re-joining fee of $25.00 (plus outstanding subscriptions) will be payable. However, the Committee may waive such re-joining fees in certain circumstances, for example, where a member ceases employment with the University but resumes employment again within a reasonable period of time.

Reciprocal rights

Most University Clubs will extend reciprocal rights to members of this Club, but it should be remembered that such rights can only be extended to current financial members of the Club. Upon application, members will be provided with a letter of introduction to the clubs to be visited provided that the member continues to maintain subscriptions or pays subscriptions in advance to cover the period of absence.

Suspension of membership

This may occur only where a member

  • Makes written application to the Club Management Committee
  • Will be away from the University for a period of twelve months or some other acceptable extended length of time
  • Will not be using reciprocal rights at any other Club during the period of absence
  • The Member's Card is surrendered to the Club for safe keeping (the Card will be returned to the member upon reinstatement of subscription).