Building cultural partnerships

The University is committed to extending our partnerships with the community and in particular, the cultural sector to deliver a multi-faceted events program which combines learning, research, culture, entertainment and the performing arts, on campus and in the heart of the city.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other cultural, community and not-for-profit groups to:

  • Animate the campus as a destination of cultural and community events
  • Contribute to the economic development and sustainability of South Australia
  • Raise aspirations about higher education pathways 
  • Deliver better informed policy-making, products and services 
  • Increase public engagement and cultural enrichment by sharing the latest research and knowledge 

For more information, please contact Tania Johnson, Senior Community Relations Officer on +61 8 8313 4467 or tania.johnson@adelaide.edu.au.

Upcoming events



Evening Concert: Water Music

Evening Concert: Water Music: Like music, water is essential for life! It purifies, clarifies, reflects and symbolises so many things in our lives.



Kubrick and Race Session 3

Stanley Kubrick has been studied from many angles but one that is conspicuously missing is that of race. But this is not because of its absence in his work. In his photography and his films, he both mobilised and critiqued conceptions of race, typically in complex and confronting ways, even if there was an absence of people of colour who appeared in his movies. This series of seminars proposes to address this important topic.



COVID Vaccination in Children and Young People

Please join us for the Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) and Robinson Research Institute forum.



Lunchtime concert: Transcendent Beauty

Fanny Hensel has found a place alongside the nineteenth century’s most innovative and relevant lieder composers, side-by-side with giants such as Robert Schumann and her own brother Felix Mendelssohn. These musical settings of colossal figures of German romantic poetry like Eichendorff, Heine, Geibel and Goethe explore the feelings of melancholy, unrequited love and the transcendental beauty of nature.



Evening Concert: Masterpieces

Renowned pianist Konstantin Shamray presents an evening of pianistic masterpieces. At the centrepiece of a prodigious program is Franz Liszt’s impassioned Piano Sonata in B Minor. Now a cornerstone of the repertoire, the work was initially viewed with suspicion by Liszt’s contemporaries – its innovation and sheer virtuosity making it too ahead of its time!