Postgraduate Students

The current postgraduate students studying at our Centre are:

PhD Students

  • Ms Maryam Sajjad: Maryam's research is focused on developing effective strategies to treat diabetes by understanding the gut functions in response to some amino acids and bitter substance.
  • Mr Md. Kamruzzaman: Kamruzzaman's proposed research will enhance the understanding of the gastrointestinal and nutritional factors interrelated with hypoglycemia and delayed gastric emptying among diabetic and healthy individuals. The primary goal of this research is to better understand the pattern of relation among nutritional factors, gastric emptying and glycemic control and to explore and develop the novel strategies for both the prevention and management of diabetes.
  • Ms Yixuan Sun: Yixuan's research is focused on the mechanisms underlying nutrient-gut interactions and their implications in the management of postprandial hyperglycaemia in patients with type 2 diabetes, which represent a highly important research field relating to the control of metabolic homeostasis.
  • Mr Javad Anjom Shoae: Javad's proposed research will increase understanding of the gastrointestinal factors that underlie the energy intake-suppressant and glycaemia-regulatory effects of dietary nutrients, e.g. lipid and protein, and non-nutritive compounds, e.g. minerals. It represents a novel approach by targeting the effects of specific dietary nutrients and non-nutritive compounds on those gut function (gastrointestinal hormones, gut motility) which are associated with energy intake suppression and improvement of postprandial blood glucose. The ultimate goal of this research is to lay the foundation for the development of novel, nutrient-based strategies for both the prevention and management of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Ms Chunjie Xiang
  • Ms Rasha Charrouf
  • Mr Laurent Turner
  • Mr Alexis Poole
  • Mrs Christina McVeay
  • Ms Michelle Shaw
  • Ms Maria Nunez
  • Dr Marie Ooi
  • Dr Tsai-Wing Ow
  • Mr Weikun Huang
  • Dr Tej Murthy
  • Dr Sam Gluck
  • Ms Denise Kreuch
  • Mr Braden Rose
  • Ms Georgia Clarke
  • Mr Teunis Sebastian Overduin
  • Ms Yoko Brigitte Wang
  • Miss Natasha Bradley
  • Dr Rachel Wells
  • Mr See Meng Lim
  • Miss Lijun Zhao
  • Miss Rachel Teong
  • Miss Julia Liu
  • Dr Ryan Jalleh 
  • Dr Joshua Kovoor

Honours Students

  • Miss Iliana Angelidakis
  • Miss Caitlin Burt

Other Research Students 

  • Dr Lian Huynh
  • Ms Adrienne Slavotinek